TimeCraft Co​​mmunity

General guidelines

  • Everything in TimeCraft Community is the property of TimeCraft Community.
  • It is prohibited to exploit errors on our website or server, this must be reported to TimeCraft Community staff on discord or contact staff.
  • It is prohibited to abuse support.
  • It is prohibited to utilize our communication platforms to develop or carry out criminal acts.
  • It is forbidden to harass, bully, irritate or practice excessive language against other members.
  • It is prohibited to express racism, Nazism or any other form of harassment that may provoke the ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disability or similar of others.
  • It is forbidden to give out threats to other participants or staff.
  • Norwegian law applies on all the server TimeCraft has. Violations of Norwegian law are reported to the police. All TimeCraft Community services must be regarded as Norwegian platforms.