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NB!!This is a temporary web site fore now, until the original site comes up, main site coming soon.

For now, you can read the rules, privacy/policy and see what your can do on our minecraft server and what commands you have on the server.

See the commands fore the server in the Command's and rank's in the menu above.

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Rust Server

Seach Timecraft Community

Link .

Modded MC (Cooming soon)

Server IP: modded.timecraft.no:25567
- Server is currently whitelist only.

Minecraft modded server map Go to map

Vanilla MC

Server IP: mc.timecraft.no
- Survival/clan Server is currently whitelist only, hub server is open to anyone, look around in the hub and explore.
Ask a admin if you can for whitelist, So maybe you're lucky to be a whitelisted on clan server.

Minecraft vanilla clan map. Go to map