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See the commands fore the server in the Command's and rank's in the menu above.

How to install modded mc? scroll down and you'll find out, Remember to read everything so you don't run in to a problem !!!!

Claim Info:

You can Claim 50 Chunk

And 5 Loaded Chunk.

Modded map. Go to map


Total Mod's:81

Minecraft Verson: 1.12.2
Forge: Forge-

How to install mod's

  1. Download the launcher here: Download

  2. Download Mod pack profil here: Download (Disabled)

  3. Then you log in with either the twitch user or the curse user, if you don't have any of the parts you must create a user.

  4. See the pictures for further steps .


    Click on Modifikasjoner (modifications).


    Then Click on Minecraft.


    Then Click on Opprett tilpasset profil (Create custom profile).


    Click on Importer (Import)
    Select the mod pack file that you download in point 2. (usually this file is located in your download folder on your pc)
    File name "TimeCraft Mod Pack-1.0.5"
    When you find the file, click on it and open.
    Wait for it to finish importing.


    Then click on the profile named "TimeCraft Mod Pack"


    Click on the gear so the profile settings.


    Uncheck the checkbox Bruk systemminne-instillinger (Use system memory settings) and set the ram setting to approxly 8001 Mb ore more, Ask how much your ram your pc has.
    Then click OK.

    Img8 Img8

    Then you can press play.